oa East African Geographical Review - Population growth and development in northeast Bunyoro

Volume 1968, Issue 6
  • ISSN : 1937-6812



A hundred and twenty-five miles north of Kampala on the road to Gulu, West Nile and the Sudan, where a new stretch opened in 1963 joins the old road from Masindi to the north. lies Kigumba village. The two rows of simple shops and eating houses and the petrol station are unimpressive, but until recently Kigumba, a village and a sub-county of Kibanda county of Bunyoro was a backward, undeveloped and empty corner of the district. As late as 1950 the sub-county, some 100 square miles in extent, contained only 330 taxpayers, probably equivalent to some 1,300 people in all.2 There was little scope for a trading centre and what population was there was concentrated a few miles to the north and to the south of Kigumba itself and about eight miles to the west around Kaduku hill, the one outstanding feature rising to over 4,000 feet in an otherwise dull and gently rolling country in the Combretum savanna belt. Fifteen years later, by the end of 1965, the total population had reached about 11,000.

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