oa East African Geographical Review - A review of rural settlement studies for Tanzania

Volume 1968, Issue 6
  • ISSN : 1937-6812



The policy of Ujamaa Vijijini1 apart from having the potential of transforming rural Tanzania on a scale scarcely envisaged in the original 'transformation' approach postulated in the World Bank Report (1961), points out that there is much of value in the traditional Tanzanian settlement system, in terms of both its social and economic organization. For a group of people to survive, let alone prosper, they must have come to terms with the conditions of the area in which they live. The traditional Tanzanian village holds a store of information about man's adaptation to his environment which should be tapped in the planning of future village organization. This has, at least in part, been the thinking behind the new approach to the planning of settlement in Tanzania.

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