oa East African Geographical Review - Production of sugar at Sango Bay

Volume 1968, Issue 6
  • ISSN : 1937-6812



Sango Bay Estate extends over more than 200 sq. miles of the south-east of Buddu County in Masaka District. It is a sparsely populated area of grass savanna and swamp grassland near Lake Victoria. The estate is an old-established one, having had unsuccessful plantations of sisal and palms in the last 60 years, but until 1956 the main use made of the estate was the exploitation of timber resources. There is still saw-milling, but this is no longer the main activity. In 1956 the lease of the estate changed hands, and, in an attempt to increase the return from the land, experimental plots, each of 200 acres had been planted with coffee and sugar-cane by 1960. The coffee failed completely, but the sugar was sufficiently successful to warrant the planting of a further 700 acres in 1962. The acreage was further increased using cuttings from the original cane, and in August, 1965, when there were 4,700 acres altogether, the first cane was crushed. Early prospects of success had encouraged the establishment of a sugar processing factory on the Estate.

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