oa East African Geographical Review - A Sandawe Settlement Geography

Volume 1969, Issue 7
  • ISSN : 1937-6812



Perhaps the best way to begin is to ask why this paper is entitled ""A Sandawe Settlement Geography"" rather than ""A Geography of Sandawe Settlement"" or ""A Settlement Geography of the Sandawe?"" The question is not posed so that we might begin an exercise in word quibbling, but is intended to raise the issue of the stance which is taken when looking at the problem. Who is to be the prime categorizer, interpreter, evaluator the outside investigator (myself) or the people of the society, in this case the Sandawe of Kondoa Area in central Tanzania? Here the plan is, so far as possible, to hand the task over to the Sandawe; to let them order and explain the various factors which they see as operative in shaping their pattern or settlement.

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