oa East African Geographical Review - Irrigation development in Uganda - past experience and future prospects

Volume 1970, Issue 8
  • ISSN : 1937-6812



In comparison with neighbouring East African countries, Uganda may be considered well endowed with rainfall. A study of average annual or monthly rainfall maps, (Atlas of Uganda 1967), reveals that there is clear bimodal distribution but some rainfall each month in almost all areas. As might be expected there is a clear positive correlation between annual rainfall and population density. It has been noted that the correlation is closer when the reliability of a given amount of rainfall is taken into account (Manning 1956). Mean rainfall data is of little value to the agriculturist when much of the precipitation is derived from tropical convection storms resulting in extreme variability over time. Even where there is reliable rainfall probability data, as for many parts of Uganda, this is but one input for determining crop water requirements.

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