oa East African Geographical Review - The delineation of a planning region: A case study from Western Kenya

Volume 1970, Issue 8
  • ISSN : 1937-6812



The first stage in the preparation of a regional plan is the delineation of a planning region. Frequently this stage must be completed very quickly in order to enable the planning team to begin their surveys in the area. In the following paper, a method will be descriptionbed by means of which a planning region may be delimited very quickly on the basis of data generally available in developing countries. In the autumn of 1966 a study group of the German Development Institute, comprising six members, was set the task of carrying out a preliminary study on regional planning in Western Kenya. In contrast to the physical planning group in the Ministry of Land and Settlement, this group was not obliged to observe administrative boundaries but was able to delineate the region according to its own points of view.

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