oa East African Geographical Review - Population distribution in Uganda 1959-1969

Volume 1971, Issue 9
  • ISSN : 1937-6812



In August 1969 a population census of the whole of Uganda was undertaken. This was the most accurate census yet taken for the country, and in a slight measure the 45.7% increase in the population number may have arisen from the improvement in counting since the previous census in September 1959. As yet only provisional census figures have been produced, but as these have been widely publicised with figures going down to the sub-county level, it may be assumed that the subsequent final figures may differ only slightly from these. The most readily available source of population numbers is given in an electoral constituency commission report1, but the areas of each sub-county given in this source need to be used with caution, especially in the vicinity of lakes, as much open water is included.

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