oa East African Geographical Review - An analysis of social facility provision in Uganda

Volume 1972, Issue 10
  • ISSN : 1937-6812



The provision of social services like medical and education facilities, constitutes an important aspect of the planning process. The locational assignment of these services to different areas of a country is influenced by a number of factors, chief of which is the total population in a particular area. More relevant for the purposes of planning, however, is the age structure of the population. But in the absence of such data, it is felt that an acceptable guideline in the allocation of these social services is aptly summarised by the principle ""The greatest benefit for the greatest number"" for, to all intents and purposes, the number of people to benefit from a service is the real issue in social planning. With this maxim in mind, an attempt is made to assess the current distribution of three major services in relation to total population based on a system of grid squares covering the land area of Uganda.

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