n Africa Education Review - Drug testing in public schools

Volume 2, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1814-6627



The fact that there is a serious drug problem in South African schools cannot be disputed. The question is: What can be done to save schoolchildren from the stranglehold of drugs? In this article the author investigated drug testing as a possible strategy to curb the availability and use of drugs in our schools. First, the concept of drug testing is defined. Second, education law and policy regulating drug testing in public schools in South Africa, such as the Constitution, the the the the and the Drugs and Drug Trafficking Act, 1992 (Act 140 of 1992) are discussed. Before guidelines for education managers and governing bodies to be used when adopting a policy on drug testing are formulated, the author investigated American court rulings on drug testing in schools as well as some advantages and disadvantages of drug testing.

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