n Educare - Adolescent substance abuse : perspectives on club drugs

Volume 30, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0256-8829



This article contends that in drug abuse prevention is still better than cure. Substance abuse trends in South Africa vary from region to region and from population group to population group. Dagga (cannabis or marijuana) and dagga and Mandrax smoked together in a pipe remain the drugs most favoured by school-going adolescents. The adolescent rave scene contributed largely to the extensive increase in the use of the designer club drug Ecstasy, while other club drugs are also becoming more popular. Many adolescent substance abusers start with alcohol abuse and progress rapidly to the abuse of other drugs. The qualitative research in this article examines the issues in the adolescent substance abuser's lifeworld experiences and adolescent peer group clusters' increased use of club drugs.

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