n Educare - Probing adolescent alcohol abuse

Volume 31, Issue 1_2
  • ISSN : 0256-8829



Alcohol abuse among school-going adolescents is currently a growing concern.Adolescent alcohol abuse and binge drinking is often the precursor to more serious forms of substance abuse, such as the smoking of dagga (Cannabis), or a mixture of dagga and finely crushed Mandrax smoked in a pipe, and the usage of other drugs, such as LSD and even heroin. Research stresses that the seriousness of school-going adolescent alcohol abuse is often overlooked and its serious consequences are not adequately recognised. Adolescent alcohol abuse is at a record level, with treatment centres countrywide reporting unprecedented numbers of adolescents seeking help. This article contends that while adolescent alcohol abuse and binge drinking does not occur during school hours at school, it is still the responsibility of the school in a collaborative effort with parents to implement preventative strategies at school level. The qualitative research in this article examines the issue of adolescent alcohol abuse. A case study design in qualitative research is used to probe the life-world of the adolescent alcohol abuser. Finally, the findings of the research project are presented together with recommendations and suggestions for further research.

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