n Educare - Education for peace : description, conceptualisation and evaluation of a programme to reduce conflict among the youth

Volume 31, Issue 1_2
  • ISSN : 0256-8829



Although peace education is gaining considerable popularity on the African continent,very little research on its effectiveness has been conducted. Providers are under increasing pressure to demonstrate that their programmes work. Few of these programmes have been formally evaluated. A programme was implemented and evaluated at three desegregated secondary schools in South Africa where racial conflict prevailed. The subjects that were chosen were Grade 11 pupils. These pupils were chosen because of their ability to be able to be more likely to express their views in a more articulate and comprehensible manner than younger pupils. Hence, two classes of about 30 pupils were selected from each school and 12 teachers. During the implementation phase of the research project the East Side Programme was introduced.Useful data were collected covering issues of friendships, racial mixing, tolerance,understanding, stereotypes, enlightment and empowerment. The research report aims to present and validate a theoretical model for analyzing conflict resolution programmes that may assist in future intervention programmes which provide young people with new ways to respond to conflict. The model presented here integrated different theoretical approaches to conflict in the evaluation methodology.

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