n Educare - Curriculum development in the education system of Australia

Volume 32, Issue 1_2
  • ISSN : 0256-8829



The introduction of outcomes-based education in South Africa has taken place amidst considerable controversy. Obstacles to initial implementation have been well documented and a Review Committee (2000) has made incisive recommendations to address major problems. In view of the South African experience, an overview of curriculum reform in Australian education is of value to education policy makers and practitioners, particularly since Australian curriculum policy informed the South African debate to some extent. This article describes the shift to an outcomes-based curriculum in Australia since 1989 on the basis of a literature review and a fact-finding visit to the country. Because of the decentralised nature of educational administration and provision in Australia, the experience of the Northern Territory and New South Wales is specifically referred to. Both cases are apt examples of the lengthy implementation process of curriculum change, which may contribute to an understanding of the current curriculum reform process in South African schooling.

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