n Educare - Imagery as a technique in the treatment of depressed adolescents under psychiatric supervision




The majority of adolescents diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) and admitted to a psychiatric hospital in Gauteng, complained of being tired of 'talk therapy'. In this study, imagery was used as a technique in the treatment of two adolescents suffering from MDD. The initial identification was based on the results of the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI). After a number of sessions of applying imagery techniques, the BDI was readministered. To determine the long-term effectiveness of imagery, the BDI was again administered a month-and-a-half after completion of the sessions. The results before and after indicate a reduction in the severity of depression. The results at the month-and-a-half follow-up session indicated a further reduction in the level of depression in both cases. This indicates the possible long-term effectiveness of imagery in treating depression. Further research is required, but there are significant indications that imagery may be an effective technique in the treatment of depressed adolescents under psychiatric supervision.


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