n South African Journal of Education - Gemeenskapsbetrokkenheid ter bevordering van onderwys in skole

Volume 21, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 0256-0100
  • E-ISSN: 2076-3433



Community involvement in the promotion of education in schools.Community involvement in education is an issue that has gainedgreater momentum in recent decades and is regarded as a big asset inpromoting education in schools. It ranks very high on the SouthAfrican education agenda, as is clearly illustrated by the prominenceit is given in the media. The modern school in the new South Africafinds itself in an educational milieu characterized by rapid changes.It is clear that schools are facing major challenges and can no longerhandle the education of learners without the support of the widercommunity. In the light of the school's need for support from thecommunity, this research was undertaken with the primary aim ofdetermining the perceptions of role players from the communityregarding their involvement in the school. A quantitative researchmethod was applied in the investigation and only an experimentalinvestigation group was involved in the random sample, comprising446 respondents (teachers, learners, and community members). Theresearch results were analysed statistically by computer and thereafterinterpreted. On the basis of these interpretations conclusions could bedrawn. A global perspective indicates that community involvement inschools is considered extremely important, but that it is not takingplace satisfactorily at the moment. It was furthermore possible torefine the global perspective on community involvement in schoolsinto a more differentiated picture, indicating clearly which facets ofinvolvement should receive attention and be improved. Recommendationscan therefore be made for meaningful, innovative and accountablecommunity involvement in the promotion of education inschools.

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