n South African Journal of Education - Teaching in a globalised African context : reflections from the 45th World Assembly on Education for Teaching

Volume 22, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 0256-0100
  • E-ISSN: 2076-3433



Global economic integration is a reality that has increasingly materialised across the world over the past number of years. The prime question is whether Africa can become a worthy participant in an increasingly globalised economy and in what way. As business enterprises locate their operations in countries with potential for economic growth, they impact on the expectations for quality education and training. New sources of skilled, cost-effective labour are constantly sought. Against this background, education for teaching in a globalised economic environment presupposes a number of new expectations and immediate challenges. In particular, to train teachers in Africa amidst increasing globalisation implies idiosyncratic characteristics that pose a major challenge to higher education institutions. This article extrapolates, in a post hoc, reflective fashion, a recent international conference on education for teaching held in Namibia, southern Africa. Trends and perspectives from conference papers, discussions and resolutions are highlighted. In particular, dialogue at the African Education Forum meeting is interpreted to point out possible needs concerning future education for teaching professionals in the African context. Conclusions are drawn and strategies are suggested to assist (southern) African teacher education providers to comply with the expectations and challenges generated by the trend of globalisation on the one hand and the realities of teaching in Africa on the other. The challenge lies in finding a compromise between these two extremes. Higher education is to take the lead as it is the converging point of knowledge, ideas, research and training.

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