n African Entomology - A strategy for the national red-listing of invertebrates based on experiences with Odonata in South Africa

Volume 10, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1021-3589



The is widely recognized as an authoritative compilation of globally threatened taxa. From an invertebrate perspective it presents a challenging dilemma. As all species are given equal credence, a worm has the same exposure as a whale. Yet there are several million species of invertebrates, thus putting great onus on invertebrate conservationists. South African Odonata species have received considerable conservation focus and have been used to test the most recent IUCN categories and criteria of threat. The importance of overcoming both the taxonomic and perception challenges in invertebrate conservation are discussed. The categorization process is also discussed. Recommendations for South African national redlisting are made, with special reference to the dynamics of such red-listing. A simplified strategy is finally presented, which includes a suggestion for compiling a list of potential focal taxa which in the first instance are not categorized. The species on this list then become a core in field searches, both during wide-scale atlassing and during more focussed threat category assessments.

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