n African Entomology - Arthropods associated with poultry manure in the Western Cape Province, South Africa : short communication

Volume 10, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1021-3589



The problem of synanthropic filth flies associated with confined poultry production has formed the subject of comprehensive reviews in the literature (Legner & Poorbaugh 1972; Axtell & Arends 1990; Meyer 1990). Legner & Olton (1970) conducted a worldwide survey and compared adult predator and scavenger insect populations associated with domestic animal manure that accumulated in, for example, poultry houses, dairies, horse and hog pens. Although their collection sites included South Africa, only bovine manure, and not poultry manure, was sampled. Hulley (1983) surveyed the flies that breed in poultry manure and their potential natural enemies at several sites in the Eastern Cape Province. He concluded that the use of natural enemies of the flies, within the context of integrated pest management, was an economically attractive alternative to control by insecticides alone.

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