n African Entomology - Weevil-fungus interaction on (Amaranthaceae) in South Africa : short communication

Volume 10, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1021-3589



Amaranth ( spp., Amaranthaceae) is a potentially valuable food crop, with both seed (Early 1985) and vegetable (Stallknecht & Schultz-Schaeffer 1991) varieties offering excellent possibilities for improving human nutrition, especially in impoverished semi-arid regions. Increasing interest in amaranth is ascribed to its high protein and mineral content, C4 photosynthetic pathway, high genetic diversity and phenotypic plasticity, and high degree of drought tolerance (Dowton 1972; Hauptli 1977; Jain 1979; Kaufmann & Haas 1983). Studies to elucidate the biotic and abiotic factors that could affect successful cultivation of amaranth as a crop in South Africa were initiated during 1995.

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