n African Entomology - The life history and host specificity of (Hemiptera : Tingidae), a potential biocontrol agent of (Verbenaceae)

Volume 10, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1021-3589



A species of Tingidae, Drake & Hambleton, was evaluated as a potential biocontrol agent of L. (Verbenaceae) in South Africa. Several indigenous and ornamental plant species related to supported the survival and development of the nymphs of . However, adult reproductive development trials indicated that some of these species were relatively inferior in supporting the development of the female reproductive system. Furthermore, the adults preferred as a host plant when the related species were simultaneously exposed in a multi-choice situation. The preliminary host specificity results suggests that may have a host range that is suitably narrow to justify its release in South Africa, but further choice trials will be required before permission for release is sought. These results indicate that is suitable for release in other countries (e.g. Australia) where there are no native or species.

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