n African Entomology - Phylogeny of the bee tribe Fideliini (Hymenoptera : Megachilidae), with the description of a new genus from southern Africa

Volume 10, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1021-3589



A cladistic analysis of the bee tribe Fideliini was undertaken based on adult morphology. All 11 described species of the tribe were included for analysis from which a single topology resulted. The Chilean genus was found to be monophyletic as was the African lineage. The subgenera and were recovered as monophyletic, while was identified to be paraphyletic. The new genus is proposed for (Cockerell) and (Friese), both previously included in is supported as the sister group of , in the new sense it is considered herein, is monophyletic and sister to the subgenera + . The biogeography and plant associations of Fideliini are briefly considered.

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