n African Entomology - An overview of the African flannel moths (Somabrachyidae) (Zygaenoidea : Lepidoptera), including their putative relationships

Volume 10, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1021-3589



The Somabrachyidae consist of the following genera : Kirby confined to northern Africa and Spain, Herrich-Schäffer and Geertsema endemic to South Africa and possibly Viette from Madagascar. The family is poorly known and research over the past decade has revealed more South African taxa. A historical review of the familial placement of and indicates considerable confusion, often with unsubstantiated subjective allocation. Based on some characters of phylogenetic importance, the relationships of and within the Somabrachyidae are briefly discussed. The classificatory part includes references to familial descriptions, diagnostic features of Somabrachyidae and a description of the various life stages, the latter section largely based on , supplemented by , and other undescribed taxa from South Africa.

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