n African Entomology - Cytogenetics and karyotype evolution of the genus Jacobs (Heteroptera : Aradidae : Carventinae) with an assessment of the possible role of pseudopolyploidy in their karyotype evolution

Volume 10, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1021-3589



The cytogenetics and karyotypes of the four species belonging to the apterous carventine genus are described and figured and idiograms are presented. The diploid chromosome numbers of the species vary from 2n=20XY to 2n=32XY as follows: has 2n=20XY; , 2n=26XY; , 2n=27XXY; and , 2n=32XY. It is argued that the ancestral chromosome number of is 2n = 28XY and that of the Aradidae and Carventinae is 2n=14XY. The roles of pseudopolyploidy and fragmentation in the evolution of the 28XY karyotype from the 14XY karyotype are considered. The evolution of the respective chromosome numbers and karyotypes of the species from the ancestral 28XY karyotype by means of chromosome fusions and fragmentations are discussed. Intraspecific variation in the relative sizes of the sex chromosomes of some of the species is reported and discussed.

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