n African Entomology - Host location behaviour and a new host record for aff. Krieger (Hymenoptera : Ichneumonidae : Cryptinae) in Kibale Forest National Park, West Uganda : short communication

Volume 11, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1021-3589



Parasitic wasps belonging to the cryptine subtribe Gabuniina are of interest because females display a suite of adaptations for attacking wood-boring hosts. In addition to moderate to very long ovipositors, these include hammer-like structures on the tip of the terminal antennal segment and an enlarged fore tibia enclosing a large, vibration-detecting subgenual organ. The last two of these features have been interpreted as indicating that the wasps probably use a form of echolocation, called vibrational sounding, to locate their hosts (Henaut & Guerdoux 1982; Henaut 1990; Wäckers 1998; Meyhöfer & Casas 1999; Otten 2000; Vilhelmsen 2001), and this system appears to have evolved on a number of separate occasions within the Ichneumonidae. Apart from the Cryptinae they are aslo found in various Xoridinae, Labeninae and Pimplinae (Broad & Quicke 2000).

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