n African Entomology - Toxicity and repellent effects of crude aqueous extracts of garlic () on larval and adult mosquitoes : short communication

Volume 11, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1021-3589



Malaria is one of the biggest contributors to disease burdens in terms of deaths and diseases and is the most important parasitic disease in the tropics. Malaria infects 300-500 million people worldwide and account for over one million deaths annually (WHO 1996), with children and pregnant women at greatest risk (TDR/WHO 1996). Malaria is the only disease, apart from AIDS, that has shown a significant increase in recent years. It is thus one of the most serious and widespread tropical diseases in the world today (Rose 2001). Notably, 90 % of malaria infections are in Africa, and at least one million African children die from the disease every year (Reeves 1994; Coetzee 1997 Egwunyega 1998; Tanner & Vlassoff 1998; Teklehaimanot 2001). In Nigeria, malaria is an obstacle to development because transmission rate is high as are infection and super-infection.

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