n African Entomology - Micropyle and chorion structure of the eggs of some South African hepialoid moths (Lepidoptera : Prototheoridae : Hepialidae) : short communication




The suborder Exoporia, consisting of two superfamilies, the Mnesarchaeoidea and Hepialoidea, is one of the most phylogenetically primitive lineages of extant Lepidoptera (Nielsen et al. 2000). The Mnesarchaeoidea comprise a single family, the Mnesarchaeidae, and is restricted to New Zealand. The Hepialoidea comprise five families: Anomosetidae, Neotheoridae, Prototheoridae, Palaeosetidae and Hepialidae (Kristensen 1978a, b, 1999; Nielsen et al. 2000).


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