n African Entomology - The South African of the -complex (Coleoptera : Nitidulidae : Meligethinae)

Volume 12, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1021-3589



The known South African species of the -complex in the genus Stephens, 1830, are listed and revised. A diagnosis of this species-complex is given, and five species, known to occur in the Western and Eastern Cape Provinces, and southern KwaZulu-Natal, are described or re-described and illustrated. A new sibling species, sp. n. is described from the southeastern Western Cape Province. Reitter, 1872, previously erroneously considered a synonym of Boheman, 1851, is resurrected to specific rank. Easton, 1953, erroneously attributed to Australia, where species are absent, is considered to be a synonym of Reitter, 1872. Bionomical and ecological data on the species covered, which all use flowers of Fabaceae of the genus as larval host-plants, are also included.

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