n African Entomology - Taxonomy of Afrotropical , new genus, and Traver (Ephemeroptera : Baetidae)

Volume 14, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1021-3589



Based on the examination of type material, new collections, and associated life-history stages, certain species and generic concepts are revised.We recognize new synonyms for the pantropical genus Traver [= Gillies, syn. n.; = Lugo-Ortiz & McCafferty, syn. n.] and the following new species synonyms and new combination: (Kimmins), comb. n. [= (Wuillot), syn. n.; = McCafferty, syn. n.]. First descriptions of male alates are provided for Lugo-Ortiz & McCafferty and Gattolliat. A species previously placed in the genus Demoulin instead belongs to [ (Navás), comb. n.]. , gen. n., is established for the larvae formerly and incorrectly attributed to , and this genus contains four species, including (Lugo-Ortiz), comb. n., the type species. We name three new species: , sp. n., , sp. n., and , sp. n.

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