n African Entomology - Three new species of Bischoff (Hymenoptera : Apidae : Nomadinae) : short communications

Volume 15, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1021-3589



The Afrotropical species of Bischoff were revised by Eardley & Brothers (1997). Since then three new species have been collected by C. Mayer, M. Kuhlmann and K. Timmermann. They are described below, in relation to Eardley & Brothers (1997). Although the key to the females in Eardley & Brothers (1997) still works, couplet 8 needed attention to include the new species. The key has been redrafted in its entirety. As with Eardley & Brothers (1997) it is easiest to identify the males by comparing the terminal sterna and genital capsule with the illustrations. Because was recently revised these species description should be viewed as an addendum to Eardley & Brothers (1997) to update that article, describe the entire known diversity of the genus, enable collectors to recognize further new species and provide names to facilitate the publication of Kuhlmann, Timmermann and Mayer's ecological research.

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