n African Entomology - Revision of the pteromalid wasp genus Mayr (Hymenoptera : Chalcidoidea) : gall-inducers on Australian acacias




The pteromalid genus is revised. All the species are associated with galls on native Australian acacias, with the exception of one from Arabia. Two species, namely and , have become established in South Africa following their introduction for biological control of and . The following seven species are redescribed: (Froggatt), (Girault), Froggatt, Mayr, (Girault) (all native to Australia) and Ferrière from Saudi Arabia. Girault, Girault, Girault and Girault are synonymized (syn. n.) with . The following two new Australian species are described from both sexes: and A key for the separation of the females of the nine known species of the genus is provided, as well as a list of the 13 species of known host plants, which include 12 species of and one of


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