n African Entomology - Revision of the pteromalid wasp genus Mayr (Hymenoptera : Chalcidoidea) : gall-inducers on Australian acacias

Volume 15, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1021-3589



The pteromalid genus is revised. All the species are associated with galls on native Australian acacias, with the exception of one from Arabia. Two species, namely and , have become established in South Africa following their introduction for biological control of and . The following seven species are redescribed: (Froggatt), (Girault), Froggatt, Mayr, (Girault) (all native to Australia) and Ferrière from Saudi Arabia. Girault, Girault, Girault and Girault are synonymized (syn. n.) with . The following two new Australian species are described from both sexes: and A key for the separation of the females of the nine known species of the genus is provided, as well as a list of the 13 species of known host plants, which include 12 species of and one of

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