n African Entomology - Description of the biology and immature stages of Sabrosky (Diptera : Chloropidae : Chloropinae), based on survey material from the Namibian coast

Volume 15, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1021-3589



This paper presents the description of the third instar larva and puparium of Sabrosky, based on material reared from mammalian carrion, chiefly the carcasses of Cape fur seals, on the Namibian coast. Descriptions are illustrated with stereoscan micrographs (SEMs) and photographs of diagnostic character states, and the distribution of the species in Namibia is plotted. The association of the Chloropidae with mammalian carrion is briefly discussed, together with the occurrence of the species at inland localities in Namibia. This is the first description of the immature stages for the genus. The species is largely confined to the inter-tidal zone and, in Namibia at least, is apparently restricted to the desert biome.

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