n African Entomology - Validation of MacLeay, 1821, revalidation of Klug, 1855, and a discussion of their synonyms (Coleoptera : Scarabaeidae : Scarabaeinae)

Volume 15, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1021-3589



Erichson, 1843, and its synonym van Lansberge, 1886 (not Péringuey), are re-established as synonyms of MacLeay, 1821, along with one further synonym, Péringuey, 1888 (not van Lansberge) = Shipp, 1895. Klug, 1855, is removed from synonymy with MacLeay and reinstated as a valid species. var. Ferreira, 1954, is made a synonym of Klug. The confusion was apparently caused partly by unwitting redescriptions, partly by failure to note previous synonymies, and partly by failure to distinguish between a species centred in the arid southwest ( and its synonyms) and its larger-bodied, close relative from the mesic northeast of southern Africa ( and its synonym). As the Kalahari forms a wide disjunction between the species' ranges, (Karoo-Namib) and (dry savanna) may be differentiated by geographical location alone. The past practise of providing names for colour varieties is not considered useful as shows the full range in exoskeleton colour variation, from entirely blue to entirely green to entirely cupreous, in the same local populations of the central Northern Cape, South Africa. Type specimens of and its synonyms originated either from the southern range extremes (southern Karoo, South Africa) where the populations predominantly comprise blue individuals or from the northern extremes (southwest Angola) where the populations entirely comprise cupreous individuals.

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