n African Entomology - First report of Fåhreus (Coleoptera : Curculionidae) on macadamia cultivars : short communications




Macadamia production in South Africa started in the early 1960s when approximately 60 000 seedlings were distributed to growers in subtropical areas of Limpopo, Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal (De Villiers 2003). However, large-scale production of this crop only commenced about 20 years later. It is estimated that South Africa currently has approximately 4 million trees in the ground, of which 41% are still less than 5 years old (Lee 2006). The South African industry has grown by approximately 15-20 % per annum and this growth is conservatively set to continue through to 2010 (Lee 2003). The macadamia crop is a valuable earner of foreign revenue and approximately 97 % of the 2005 / 06 South African crop, valued at ± R300 million, was exported (Lee 2006). South Africa is currently the second largest producer of macadamia nuts after Australia (Piza 2006).


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