n African Entomology - Laboratory evaluation of bioactivity of ethanolic extracts of plants used for protection of stored maize against Motschulsky in Cameroon

Volume 17, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1021-3589



The maize weevil, Motschulsky (Coleoptera : Curculionidae), is an important cause of stored maize losses in the Western highlands of Cameroon. Chemical insecticides for rapid control are expensive and not readily available. In search for cheap and easily available natural products to control this insect pest, the biological activity of ethanolic extracts of some traditionally used plant materials were evaluated against the weevil. Laboratory studies on toxicity against F progeny, contact toxicity and repellency against were conducted with ethanolic extracts of roots, and leaves. The ethanolic extracts of the last three plant species had significant toxicity (P = 0.01) on and against the F progeny. Percentage repellency was significant across the four plant extracts but highest in grains treated with . Repellency was concentration-dependent and greater than 50 % at the lowest extract concentration of 12 500 ppm. could be a potential repellent for the protection of stored products against .

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