n African Entomology - Description of sixteen new species of Trichoptera with a key to adults of known families and genera recorded in Madagascar : research article

Volume 18, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1021-3589



The following sixteen Trichoptera species new to science are described and illustrated : sp. n., sp. n., sp. n., sp. n., sp. n. (Hydropsychidae Curtis), sp. n. (Polycentropodidae Ulmer), sp. n., sp. n., sp. n., sp. n., sp. n., sp. n. (Philopotamidae Stephens), sp. n. (Goeridae Ulmer), sp. n. (Lepidostomatidae Ulmer), sp. n. and sp. n. (Pisuliidae Ross). The families Polycentropodidae and Goeridae are recorded from Madagascar for the first time. With this report, 204 Trichoptera species are now known from the island. A first key to adults of the known families and genera of Madagascan Trichoptera is provided.

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