n African Entomology - Resistance of cotton varieties to cotton leaf roller, (Fabricius) (Lepidoptera: Crambidae), under field conditions

Volume 20, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1021-3589



Investigations were conducted on seven cotton genotypes during the 2010 wet season at the Institute for Agricultural Research Farm, Samaru (11°11'N 07°38'E) in the Northern Guinea Savanna ecological zone of Nigeria, to ascertain their level of resistance/tolerance to leaf roller, . The genotypes screened were Samcot 8, Samcot 9, Samcot 10, Samcot 11, Samcot 12, Samcot 13 and CL07. Percentage infestation ranged from 14.62% (Samcot 10) to 22.72% (Samcot 12) at 50 days after sowing (DAS), 19.18% (Samcot 10) to 32.46% (Samcot 12) at 80 DAS, and 17.17% (Samcot 13) to 42.19% (Samcot 12) at 110 DAS. At 50 DAS, minimum percentage infestation of leaf roller was observed on Samcot 10 (14.62%), which differed non-significantly from all other genotypes except CL07. The most susceptible variety was Samcot 12, while CL07 was highly resistant. CL07 could be used in the development of novel recombinants that are highly resistant to biotic stresses through introgression to the existing adapted commercial varieties. All the remaining genotypes tested were found to be moderately resistant to cotton leaf rollers.

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