n African Entomology - Taxonomy of the Dacina (Diptera: Tephritidae) of Africa and the Middle East

Volume 2006, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1021-3589



A key and revised classification is provided for the African and Middle Eastern species of (15 spp.) and (177 spp.). A CD-ROM includes digital images of 190 species, a records database and notes on the identification of pest species. The revised classification was based on cladistic analyses including the use of polymorphism parsimony. Twenty five new species are described: . Twenty-six species are newly placed in synonymy: Munro [junior synonym of (Munro)]; Bezzi [of Becker]; Munro [of (Hering)]; Munro [of Bezzi]; Munro, Munro [both of Loew]; Hering [of Bezzi]; Munro [of (Munro)]; Munro [of Coquillett]; Walker [of Loew]; Collart [of Munro]; Munro [of Munro]; Munro [of (Munro)]; Munro, Munro [both of Munro]; Munro [of Bezzi]; Loew [of Wiedemann]; Munro [of Munro]; Munro [of (Bezzi)]; Munro [of Bezzi]; Munro [of (Munro)]; Bezzi, Bezzi [both of Macquart stat.rev.]; Hering [of Bezzi]; Munro [of Collart]; Munro [of Bezzi]. Two species were removed from synonymy: Macquart stat.rev. [from Fabricius]; Munro stat. rev. [from Collart]. Sixteen genus group names were placed in new or revised synonymy: Munro [of Speiser]; Munro, Munro [both of Munro]; Munro, Munro[both of Collart]; Munro, Munro, Munro [all of Macquart]; Munro, Munro, Munro, Munro [all of Collart]; Munro, Munro, Munro, Munro [all of Collart]. Lectotypes are designated for Loew, Munro, Bezzi and Hendel [confirms synonymy with Karsch].

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