n African Entomology - Does wind affect emergence site selection in Odonata? : short communication

Volume 21, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1021-3589



All species have specific habitat preferences in which survival and reproduction are optimal. Understanding factors governing habitat selection is crucial in the field of community ecology and conservation biology (Schoener 1974; Pulliam & Danielson 1991; Morris 2003; Peterson & Dunham 2003; Johnson 2004). Factors affecting a species' spatial distribution within a habitat are mainly the abiotic conditions, resource availability, predation, competition, and parasitism (Ricklefs & Miller 1999). During certain periods of their lifetime species are periodically vulnerable to abiotic and biotic external factors, making (micro-) habitat choice particularly crucial and producing direct and indirect demographic consequences on population and community (Cody 1985; Downie 2004). Arthropod moulting is an example of such vulnerable life stages (Morgan & Miller 2005).

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