n African Entomology - Effectiveness of slow-release tablet formulations of the IGR diflubenzuron and the bioinsecticide spinosad against larvae of (L.)

Volume 21, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1021-3589



The larvicidal effectiveness of slow-release tablet formulations of the chitin synthesis inhibitor Dudim® (diflubenzuron) and the bioinsecticide Natular™ (spinosad) against mosquito larvae of (L.) has been evaluated. The results showed that the test formulations provided long-term residual control against the larvae. Effective control giving 90-100 % inhibition of adult emergence was achieved for 10 weeks post-treatment for diflubenzuron and 7 weeks for spinosad. In addition, larval treatments with slow-release diflubenzuron formulations led to a marked prolongation in the time needed for blood meal digestion and a reduction in the reproductive potential of adult survivors. On the other hand, larval treatments with slow-release formulations of spinosad tablets affect neither the time of blood meal digestion nor the reproductive capacity of mosquito adults that emerged from surviving larvae.

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