n African Entomology - The herbivorous arthropods associated with the invasive alien plant, , and the native analogous plant, , in the Free State Province, South Africa : short communications

Volume 22, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1021-3589



The Enemy Release Hypothesis (ERH) predicts that when plant species are introduced outside their native range there is a release from natural enemies resulting in the plants becoming problematic invasive alien species (Lake & Leishman 2004; Puliafico 2008). The release from natural enemies may benefit alien plants more than simply reducing herbivory because, according to the Evolution of Increased Competitive Ability (EICA) hypothesis, without pressure from herbivores more resources that were previously allocated to defence can be allocated to reproduction (Blossey & Notzold 1995). Alien invasive plants are therefore expected to have simpler herbivore communities with fewer specialist herbivores (Frenzel & Brandl 2003; Heleno 2008; Heger & Jeschke 2014).

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