n African Entomology - Host records for fruit-feeding Afrotropical Tortricidae (Lepidoptera)

Volume 22, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1021-3589



We present host records for the following Afrotropical Tortricidae reared from fruit in Kenya: nr Walsingham, Razowski, nr Razowski, (Meyrick), Razowski & Brown, (Meyrick), (Meyrick), (Walsingham), nr (Meyrick), nr (Diakonoff), (Walker), Aarvik, Diakonoff complex, (Meyrick) complex, n. sp., (Joannis), Diakonoff, Walsingham, Walsingham, Aarvik, nr Aarvik, (Meyrick), Razowski & Brown, Meyrick, Razowski & Brown, Razowski & Brown, Zeller, (Busck), Razowski & Brown, (Meyrick), sp. 1, sp. 2, sp. 3, Razowski & Brown, Razowski & Brown, (Meyrick), (Meyrick), Razowski & Brown, (Saalmüller), sp. 1, (Meyrick), Razowski & Brown, Razowski & Brown, nr (Meyrick), Razowski & Brown, nr (Meyrick), sp. 1, sp. 2, Karisch, Aarvik & Karisch, Diakonoff, (Meyrick), nr (Meyrick), (Diakonoff), (Meyrick), Razowski & Brown, and Razowski & Brown. Nearly 75 % of all our reared tortricids are members of Grapholitini, a tribe that includes numerous pests of fruit worldwide. Approximately 77% of the reared species are recorded from only one or two different plants species (frequently in the same plant genus). Plant families that support the greatest numbers of tortricid fruit-feeders are Rubiaceae (13 tortricid species), Ochnaceae (11 tortricid species), Sapindaceae (10 tortricid species), Rosaceae (8 tortricid species), Connaraceae (7 tortricid species) and Fabaceae (7 tortricid species). We also review previously reported food plants and provide a few new records for four foliage- and/or fruit-feeding tortricids from the Afrotopical Region, (Diakonoff), Razowski, (Meyrick) and (Meyrick). Identifications are based on morphology and DNA barcodes (COI).

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