n African Entomology - On-farm evaluation of homemade pepper extract in the management of pests of cabbage, L., and French beans, L., in two agro-ecological zones in Ghana

Volume 22, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 1021-3589



Cabbage, L., and French beans, L., are important vegetables grown in Ghana. However, attack by insect pests affects their quality and marketable yield. On-farm experiment was undertaken during the major rainy season of 2012 at Afari and Kpong, in the moist Semi Deciduous Forest and Coastal Savanna agro-ecological zones of Ghana, respectively, to explore the use of homemade extracts from fruit of hot pepper, L. in the management of insect pests of cabbage and French beans. The treatments included a crude water extract from pepper fruit (20 g/l w/v), the semi-synthetic insecticide emamectin benzoate, ATTACK® (1 ml/l v/v) and tap water as a control. The dominant pests found on cabbage at both locations were the diamondback moth (DBM), (L.), the cabbage aphid, (L.) and the whitefly, (Gennadius). On French beans, the flower thrips, (Trybom), the whitefly, and a range of leafhoppers, spp. were found at both locations. The cowpea aphid, (Koch) was present only at Kpong. Among the natural enemies found on cabbage at both locations were the larval parasitoid, (Kurdjumov), the ladybird beetles, spp., hoverflies and a number of spiders. On French beans, ladybirds and spiders were observed only at Kpong. Generally, the application of pepper and emamectin benzoate were effective in controlling some pests of cabbage and French beans and also conserved the natural enemies. Emamectin benzoate and pepper treated-plots had higher yields of French beans than the control plots at Afari. The potential of homemade pepper spray for pest management on smallholder farms, backyard gardens and in organic vegetable production systems is discussed.

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