n African Entomology - Phytosanitary host status of apples as a host for false codling moth, (Meyrick) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) : short communication




Recent publications suggest that apples, Borkh., and pears L., are hosts for false codling moth (FCM), (Meyrick) (Timm 2005; Timm et al. 2007; Timm et al. 2010). In these publications Blomefield (1989) and Newton (1998) are cited. However, these last two authors did not actually mention apples or pears as hosts for . This error has also been alluded to in a recent pest risk analysis (EPPO 2013). In addition, a personal communication with A.E. Timm(a.timm@ru.ac.za) confirmed that she had only caught in pheromone traps in apple and pear orchards, and had not obtained material directly from infested fruit.


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