n African Entomology - Infestation of two tephritid fruit flies, (syn. ) and in guava fruits from selected regions of Eritrea : short communication

Volume 23, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1021-3589



In Eritrea, guava ( L.) is the third most important fruit in terms of total area of cultivation (269 ha) and fruit production (3550 t) (MOA 2011a); first two being banana and orange. It is mainly grown in Anseba (area of cultivation 140 ha; fruit production 2100 t), Gashbarka (38 ha and 470 t), Maekel (40 ha and 480 t) and Debub (45 ha and 381 t), respectively (MOA 2011b). Generally, fruit crops such as guava, orange and mango are produced in small-scale traditional orchards except banana, which is produced in a range of small- to large-scale farms. The fruit is also cultivated in home gardens and orchards together with vegetables for consumption and supply to local markets mostly in Elabered, Ghinde, Hamelmalo, Durfo, Akordat, Barentu, Filfil and Mai-aini.

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