n African Entomology - Efficacy of and indigenous for controlling lepidopterous pests on Taify pomegranate fruits

Volume 23, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1021-3589



The impact of and native on the infestation rates of two lepidopterous pests, and , was assessed in field experiments conducted in four pomegranate farms distributed in the Taif region of Saudi Arabia. Pomegranate trees were sprayed with spores, and indigenous was inundatively released during the pomegranate fruiting season from April to September of 2014. The highest infestation rates with and in control and treated trees gradually increased until the end of the season, reaching 79, 54 and 22 % for and 22, 16 and 7% for in control, -treated trees, and -treated trees, respectively. The mean percentages of fruits infested with or were significantly different between the untreated trees and both the trees treated with and those treated with . Moreover, the trees treated with had a lower infestation rate by both and compared to the trees treated with . The number of larvae collected from infested fruits varied from one to two larvae per fruit for both and Use of or native to control these pests can achieve high yields of Taify pomegranate of better quality.

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