n African Entomology - Evaluating triethylamine in the anaesthesia of : short communications

Volume 24, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1021-3589



The immobilisation of mosquitoes for injection experiments is a requirement that must be achieved for the necessary time duration to complete the process. Unfortunately, the use of cold anaesthesia in hot tropical countries is not very effective and the use of CO anaesthesia requires continuous exposure, which can be harmful to the experimenter. To circumvent this problem we evaluated the use of triethylamine (FlyNap®) in the anaesthesia of mosquitoes. FlyNap has been used widely in studies, and is known to irreversibly anaesthetise mosquitoes. Very small volumes of the original FlyNap as well as different dilutions using absolute ethanol were evaluated to determine the dosage that will effectively anesthetise female mosquitoes for the necessary duration. The results showed that the 1/10 FlyNap/absolute ethanol) dilution worked well and could be used for the anaesthesia.

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