n African Entomology - The acaricidal effect of ethanolic extracts of Willd. on Koch (Acari: Tetranychidae)

Volume 24, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1021-3589



Ethanolic extracts obtained from the seed coat of Willd. were evaluated for their acaricidal effect on different stages of the carmine spider mite Koch. At 72 h after application of the extracts directly on the adult females, mortalities ranged from 30% to 93%, with concentrations of 6.11, 7.61 and 9.11% w/v producing the best results. The lethal effect of the extracts on the nymphs of manifested at 24 h after inoculation, with mortality rates ranging between 50 % and 99 %. The extracts of had no lethal effect on the eggs of . At 120 h post-application, between 76% and 89% of the larvae had hatched. The extracts showed a repellent effect on adult females of . Oviposition by female was not affected by application of sublethal concentrations of the extract. The survival of juveniles whose mothers were sprayed with the extracts ranged between 17 % and 48 %, showing a sublethal effect of the extracts on the offspring. Lethal concentrations of the extract of for adult females of were determined as 1.24 % w/v (LC50) and 4.34 % w/v (LC90).

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