oa African Entomology - A beneficial insect guild in commercial groundnut fields in the Highveld Region of South Africa

Volume 3, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1021-3589



Beneficial insects (predators and parasitoids) that occur in groundnut fields in the Highveld Region of South Africa were surveyed at four localities by means of pitfall traps and soil samples. Coefficients of similarity in species diversity between the different localities indicated that the four localities could be separated into two groups of two each, following a pattern similar to that of the pest insects of groundnuts. Labidura riparia (Pallas) (Dermaptera: Labiduridae) was the most prominent predator in pitfall traps, while Carabidae was the most prominent family obtained from soil samples. The rank order of prominence was constant for localities and seasons. Beneficial insect numbers peaked slightly after pest insect numbers, with the best correlation between these two groups obtained with a time lag of one week.

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