oa African Entomology - Clarification of aulhorship of certain generic names of Buprestidae (Coleoptera)

Volume 5, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1021-3589



The original authorship for 20 generic names of Buprestidae is discussed. Eighteen names first proposed by Saunders, but traditionally credited to other subsequent authors, are reattributed to Saunders (1868, 1871): Agaeocera 1871, Aglaostola 1871, Amyia 1871, Anilara 1868, Briseis 1871, Chalcogenia 1871, Chalcophoropsis 1871, Chalcoplia 1871, Chalcopoecila 1871, Hilarotes 1871, Icaria 1871, LamprocheiIa 1871, Merimna 1871, Neocuris 1868, Nothomorpha 1871, Ocypetes 1871, Pasiphae 1871, Scaptelytra 1871. Trigonongenium is considered to have first been used by von Harold (1869) rather than by Gemminger & von Harold (1869) and Julodimorpha is attributed to Gemminger & von Harold (1869) instead of the subsequent use by Thomson (1878). Type species are designated for the first time or changed to reflect these authorship changes as follows: Ptosirna irrorata Gory for Ocypetes, Buprestis mannerheimii von Mannerheim for Hilarotes, Buprestis quadrifoveolata Laporte & Gory for Chalcophoropsis, Anthaxia contempta von Marmerheim for Chalcogenia, Anthaxia fortnumi Hope for Neocuris and Eumerus vioIacea Gory & Laporte for Amyia. Ocypetes Saunders, 1871, is established as the senior synonym for Tylauchenia Burmeister, 1872. Aubertia Thery is reinstated as the senior synonym of Eumerophilus Deyrolle.

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