n African Entomology - The butterfly fauna of the Noyau Central, Lama Forest (Republic of Benin), with notes on its ecological composition and geographic distribution

Volume 9, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1021-3589



The Noyau Central ( 4777 ha) in south-central Benin is the largest remaining natural forest within the Dahomey Gap. Based on field work conducted in 1998, a preliminary list of 83 butterfly species is presented for this largely unknown core area of the Lama Forest. Forty butterfly species were documented for the first time in Benin. Forty-one are true lowland forest species not found in savanna. Overall species richness was higher in clearings than in closed forest. However, a high proportion of forest species, especially those with a more restricted geographic range, were exclusively captured in the forest patches. Because other forest areas in Benin are much smaller, the Noyau Central is likely to contribute critically to the conservation of the country's butterfly fauna.

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